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This is in no way an extensive list of all the possible offenses that are punishable.
Players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules upon utilizing any of our services.
You not knowing what's against the rules will not be accepted as an appeal or excuse in any case.
You will be punished with the results of a kick, mute, warning, temp ban, or perm ban.

Refusal to ScreenShare
If asked by a staff member to initiate a screenshare you must comply.

Ban Evasion // Mute Evasion
Logging onto an alternate account and perform actions that you shouldn't be able to due to the punishment. Accounts sharing the same IP's with accounts banned for hacking and/or another negative excessive rule-breaking will be considered as alternate accounts. Unless previously declared the separate identities in the household there will be no exceptions.

Claim Rules
Claims stopping a faction from being able to claim their full 20 chunk buffer is not allowed. 

Max Faction Buffer Claims
The chunk limit is set to 20 in each direction. You must leave a 4 chunk gap (unclaimed) to be able to claim more buffers. The chunk buffer limit starts from the first defense, which would be the first wall of the base. You may only have 4 regen walls (max of 4 blocks thick each wall).

Nether Portal Trapping
Trapping players in nether portals where they will be unable to escape and which prevents the user from messaging for help is a punishable offense. 

You can't have your main and alts in different factions to use the alts for claiming land. 50 members per faction. Maximum of 10 alts per IP

The use of hacked clients that gives the player an unfair advantage over others.

Lag Machines
You are not allowed to intentionally cause the server to lag. Certain types of farms (i.e. Bud Farms, Pumpkin Farms using Block Detection) have been banned. Defiance will result in drastic actions taken. 

No use of macros or scripts
Includes things such as a command macro, an auto selling script, auto clicker, or anything similar. 

Glitching // Association with Glitching
Abusing any bugs with or without the intention of gaining an advantage from it. If you are found to be attempting a known glitch your offense will be that of Glitching. This also includes glitching into bases by illicit means.

Advertising IP's with or without the intention to divert players to another server.

Excessive Insulting
While insults are a part of factions, it's never pleasant to see a chat filled entirely with nasty words and phrases towards other players.

To continually torment a player or staff member after being asked to stop. This includes sexual advances, implications, or references to non-consensual sexual acts.

Inappropriate Content
Any linked content (sexual, pornographic or otherwise) deemed inappropriate for public chat.

Spamming // Excessive Caps
Messages or characters that are the same or similar in nature being posted in rapid succession into chat. This is also inclusive of any messages in rapid succession.

Command Spam
You are not allowed to spam commands that affect others or commands that show in chat.

Suicide Encouragement // Filter Evasion
Statements that can be taken to intend harmful action against another player in real life, joking or otherwise.

Discrimination // Racial Slurs
The prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, this includes race, sex, beliefs, medical conditions or anything similar for the sake of degradation.

DDoS Threats // DDoS Attacks
Threats against the server are not tolerated. Threatening to DDoS a player will result in the equivalent punishment. Any evidence presented that a player has DDoS'd another will be met with severe consequences.

Release of Personal Information // DOX
This is seen as a severe breach of privacy. Releasing personal information without that specific user's consent. This includes last names, social media, addresses, IP Addresses, etc. You MUST ask the player before releasing any kind of personal details. This is inclusive of threats to DOX and releasing personal information. The Release of Personal Information either on Obelus or through any other platform will result in a Permanent Blacklist.

Donation Scamming (Real Currency)
Any scam that involves the use of real money is a severe offense. This includes tricking the player into buying a player any item or rank off the Buycraft store in exchange for good(s) after which receiving the purchased item or rank the other player does not receive the agreed-upon good(s).

Staff Impersonation
The changing of /nick's to impersonate staff members.

Inappropriate Nicknames // Skins
Nicknames will be forcibly removed and if there is excessive defiance there will be consequences. Anything that wouldn't be allowed in the chat is considered inappropriate.